close-up of Weingut Pranzegg Vino Rosso Leggero 2021  wine label

Weingut Pranzegg Vino Rosso Leggero 2021

  • ABV:: 11.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Schiava, Lagrein
  • HAiLS FROM:: Alto Adige, Italy
: weingut-pranzegg-leggero
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ABOUT: Weingut Pranzegg is a tiny family estate snug in the foothills of the Dolomites in Bolzano, Italy, in Alto Adige which is just south of the Austrian border. Operated by the Gojer family for the last three generations, their 3.5 hectares is more farm than vineyard (bees, chickens, cats, sheep, fruit trees), and biodynamic practices have been the norm since 2008. The vineyard is worked by hand, minimal sulfur is used and there’s no fining or filtering going on. They grow the common local varieties Lagrein and Schiava (also called Vernatsch), but also grow Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Muller Thurgau and make a field blend. This we haven’t tasted yet, but if it’s as glorious as the Leggero Rosso then we’re in for a treat.

TASTE: We stumbled upon this amazing note about the Leggero (90% Vernatsch and 10 % Lagrein) at written by Christina Hilker. We had to include it, enjoy. “Many herbal notes such as wild mint, sage and thyme beguile the nose, underpinned by wild raspberries, blackberries, cassis, cranberries and cranberries. A fruity, light play of aromas that animates the nose to take the first sip. The 2021 Vino Rosso Leggero drifts skillfully between a light red wine and a full-bodied rose - and it is above all fun. Because herbs and a delicate tannin come into play, we are not only dealing with an unbelievably stimulating wine, but also with a wine that can be enjoyed in large quantities, chilled solo or with delicacies. Once again, a feel-good wine from Martin Gojer is in the glass, which is a joy to drink.”

PAIR: Vegetarian Italian wedding soup, roasted pumpkin ravioli, parmigiana di Melanzane, Impossible burger with caramelized onions and Grana Padano, sizzling vegetable fajitas, and an egg salad sandwich with a side of chili cheese Fritos.