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Unico Zelo River Sand Fiano 2019
Close-up Unico Zelo River Sand Fiano wine label
: $29.00
ABV: 13%
HAiLS FROM: Adelaide Hills, Australia

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ABOUT: Brendan and Laura Carter established Unico Zelo in Adelaide Hills, Australia, in the town Gumeracha, home of the 18-meter high rocking horse and toy factory and now some outstanding wines made from Italian grape varieties. Rather than focusing on Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir, they chose to concentrate on an excellent lineup of Italian grape varieties including Fiano, Moscato Giallo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Zibbibo, and Nero d’Avola. A smart decision made even better by the excellent wines they produce. These grapes come from Riverland which has a rep of being a wine lake, juice for bulk wine, but Unico Zelo has partnered with forward thinking growers like Ashley Ratcliff who grow interesting grapes in site specific areas, going after terrior. And getting it. We are excited to have a few bottles and look forward to future results of their youthful attack on the Australian wine game.

TASTE: White grape Fiano has its roots in southern Italy and calls home DOCG Fiano di Avellino in Campania. Fiano has found a lovely second residence in Australia, coming from an organic vineyard in the Riverland region. The winemaker’s note is without fault so we go copy + paste- “here isn't much we love more than a glass of white wine in the sun, where all you are looking for is something bright, textural and refreshing - with or without food. For us it's Riversand. From the remarkable organic Bassham Vineyards in Barmera, the heat of the Riverland brings the fun to this wine, with loads of pineapple and ripe nectarine, and a fresh whack of salinity and minerality for outrageous refreshment. Although, the real joy of this wine is the svelte, almost waxy, oily texture - a hallmark of Fiano in full effect here. It's our knockoff wine, it's our Sunday afternoon on the couch with a book wine - hell it's our breakfast wine.”

PAIR: Fregola with chickpeas, summer vegetable Cianbotta, pizza with zucchini and bell peppers, stuffed sweet peppers, and fried eggplant with tomato and basil.