Close-up Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Gris Les Princes Abbes 2015 wine label

Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Gris Les Princes Abbes 2015

  • ABV:: 13.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Pinot Gris
  • HAiLS FROM:: Alsace, France
: schlumberger-pinot-gris
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ABOUT: Schlumberger makes precise and honest wines in Alsace, crafting noble grapes Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer into some first rate wines from Grand Cru sites Saering, Kitterle, Spiegel and Kessler. Schlumberger was established in 1810 and is now in its 7th generation with Severine and Thomas Schlumberger at the wheel alongside patriarch Alain Beydon-Schlumberger. They’ve been working their 140 hectares sustainably since 2003 and have been incorporating organic and biodynamic practices into their program since 2006. They employ 4 Cheval Comtois draught horses which are buff as hell if you’ve never seen them. Look ‘em up for yourself. Alsatian wines go down easy around the Bio Wine office, they’re often high quality, undervalued, and versatile. Good in the summer and winter. Schlumberger fits into this bracket perfectly, over-performing and providing great pleasure and value.

TASTE: The name of this wine is a tribute to the Princes Abbots that cared for the vineyards in the valley of Guebwiller for a thousand years. On a volcanic, fully southern exposed slope is where the Pinot Gris grapes in this bottle call home.

Follow this link for the entire story of the Princes Abbots from the Schlumberger website

Anne Krebiehl MW had this to say about this Pinot Gris. “The nose gives appetizing glimpses of pure ripe juicy pear. These flavors blossom fully on the palate and leave a most harmonious picture of ample, dry, but well-expressed pear fruit with lovely freshness. Everything here happens with ease. The finish is pure and fresh.”

PAIR: Fried rice with apples and pears, sour cream and chive popcorn, black sesame gnocchi with roasted Brussels sprouts, and pasta with peas and Parmesan.