Close-up Robert-Denogent Macon-Villages 2019 wine label

Robert-Denogent Macon-Villages 2019

  • ABV:: 14.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Chardonnay
  • HAiLS FROM:: Macon-Villages, France
: robert-denogent-macon-villages
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ABOUT: I bet this is what top Cote d’Or producers have in their pantries at home. Domaine Robert-Denogent is a needle in the Macon haystack which is a tall stack of delightful, mostly okay, good value wine. Pair the good value with outstanding quality from old vines which are treated to a biodynamic diet and made in the same fashion as their northerly neighbors, and you have Denogent. Grandson Jean-Jacques Robert took the reigns from grandpa in the late 80’s when the wine was mostly sold in bulk. He became switched on to the influence of Marcel Lapierre and Kermit Lynch and began incorporating organic and biodynamic methods to his check list, a particularly successful move vastly improving the quality of his lil bit of the Macon. The Chardonnay and Gamay blows our doors off, definitely a wine to know if you don’t know.

TASTE: I don’t think Tom at Kermit Lynch would mind me lifting this tasting note, it’s pretty on point: “With mouthwatering notes of citrus, honey, and the faintest salinity, Jean-Jacques Robert’s third vintage of this Mâcon-Villages is more immediately approachable (read: gulpable) than his age-worthy Pouilly-Fuissés. Still bearing the trademark Robert-Denogent acidity, it makes for a perfect apéritif or partner to light, fresh seafood or roasted cauliflower.” —Tom Wolf

PAIR: Savory tomato and almond tart, migas with homemade tortilla chips, honey mustard and pear walnut salad, smashed sage potatoes with brown butter, loaded cold pesto pasta salad, and vegetable curry.