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Philippe Garrey La Chassiere Mercurey Premier Cru 2016
Philippe Garrey La Chassiere Mercurey Premier Cru 2016
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abv 12.5%

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ABOUT: Easily one of the best winemakers in Mercurey, Philippe Garrey makes exceptional Pinot Noir from his 4.5 hectares of old vines. He was the first to become Demeter certified in the Cote Chalonnaise in 2011 and farms all his vines by himself with no desire for expansion. Smart guy. For the Burgundian technician inside you, the Pinot Noir is partially destemmed and spends 12 months in barrel then another 6 months in small stainless steel vats. The wines are also bottled by gravity, 6 at a time. Pretty cool, laborious but well worth it. Consumers can rest assured that a bottle of Garrey Mercurey will be as good as it gets from the Cote Chalonnaise.

TASTE: La Chassiere is a 1 hectare plot of old Premier Cru Pinot Noir vines that have been in the Garrey family for generations. Philippe Garrey’s wine is exceptional in quality and balance, making me want to go back and look at all wines from Mercurey. I suspect that Philippe is one of the best Mercurey’s got. The nose is ripe, almost pruney, with cherries, cedar, dark chocolate, Provence-style herbs and refreshing acidity. The tannins are pretty low while the acid is pretty high. Again, balance here is the rule. I’d recommend Philippe Garrey’s wines for a safe bet on a quality Burgundy for a fair price.

PAIR: Picnic foods like potato salad, veggie cheese sandwiches, bbq potato chips, tomato salad with olives, feta, and mint, and caramelized onion hummus.