Close-up Nicolas Joly Les Vieux Clos Savennieres wine label

Nicolas Joly Les Vieux Clos Savennieres 2017

  • ABV:: 15%
  • MADE FROM:: Chenin Blanc
  • HAiLS FROM:: Savennieres, Loire Valley, France
: nicolas-joly-les-vieux-clos
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ABOUT: Nicolas Joly is easily the most recognized promoter of biodynamic methods in wine, and the wine he makes is absolutely a cut above. He’s been making white wines from Chenin Blanc in the Loire Valley at his place in Savennieres since the late 1970’s. Due to minimal human intervention in the winery, the wines frame each vintage with fascinating detail. He truly lets things run wild, there is no temperature control and fermentation with natural yeasts can take months. Wines are aged for less than a year in tank or barrel with only a few rackings. Chenin Blanc handles this with grace and raucous character. It’s known to be fussy in the vineyard but rugged in the winery, and the results are never what you expect. Nicolas Joly wines are always a delightful surprise, not for everyone but definitely for us.

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TASTE: What we love most about this wine is the angular, bracing edge of the acidity. It's like a spear through an apple orchard. The wine is both reserved and outgoing at the same time; tons of fresh orchard fruit aromas and flavors, honeydew melon flavors, a full-ish body, with a lengthy finish. Complexity and beauty rolled into one. This wine has the kind of structure that leads to a long, interesting life.

PAIR: Braeburn apple with a hunk of Gouda, Crispy garlic tofu with scallion, caremlized onion tart with goat cheese, and Huevos Rancheros seasoned with Epazote.