Close-up Mouzon-Leroux L'Incandescent Rose de Saignee NV Champagne wine label

Mouzon-Leroux L'Incandescent Rose de Saignee NV Champagne

  • ABV:: 12%
  • MADE FROM:: Pinot Noir
  • HAiLS FROM:: Champagne, France
: mouzon-leroux-l-incandescent
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ABOUT: Sebastian Mouzon is making excellent grower Champagne from Grand Cru vineyards Verzy, Mailly, and Verzaney within the Montagne de Reims region. He’s the 9th generation to be making wine here and he took over operations in 2008. Organic and biodynamic practices, as well as indigenous fermentations were in the plan from the get go. He uses the pied de cuve method for fermentation which is just like using a sourdough starter when making bread. Just before harvest he grabs a few bunches of grapes and lets them ferment, then uses that bubbling concoction to kick off fermentation. Why wouldn’t all winemakers do this?

TASTE: Mouzon-Leroux L'Incandescent Rose de Saignee is made from 100% Pinot Noir and aged in both wood barrel and steel tank. This pink bubbly is flush with aromas and flavors of red apples, strawberries, raspberries, lemons, salty toast, cedar and allspice. The mousse is fine and the body is a solid medium. Long finish with a lime-citrus streak to the end. This would be perfect on the table in the depths of November, chasing away all things wet and grim.

PAIR:Spicy Szechuan green beans, parmesan roasted vegetables, Lay’s potato chips, quiche with berries, patatas bravas, and fried eggplant.