Close-up Meinklang Tag 2018 wine label

Meinklang Tag 2018

  • ABV:: 10.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Gruner Veltliner
  • HAiLS FROM:: Burgenland, Austria
: meinklang-tag-gruner-veltliner
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ABOUT: Meinklang (translates to “my sound”) rules the roost when it comes to biodynamic wines from Austria. A lot has been written about Meinklang's incredible farm, the wild vines, massive cover crops, orchards, vegetable gardens, and poop filled horns, so I won't be repetitious (follow this link for more info)...except to say how much I like Meinklang wines (not to mention the labels). Sally and I first tasted them at the RAW Wine Fair in Berlin 2018. All the wines had a pulsing energy and were aromatically lifted with fresh and wild flavors. These top flight wines made from Zweigelt and Gruner Veltliner go through phases of development rather than wilting shortly after being opened. If that matters to you then try some Meinklang.

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TASTE: Meinklang Tag is a unique, sunny take on Gruner Veltliner which is unlike any other GV’s we’ve come across. It is made from young vines whose grapes spend a couple of weeks in carbon maceration with native yeasts before going into a concrete egg for 9 months. A light and fast approach which seems to agree with this youthful Gruner. Golden and a little hazy with vivid aromas and flavors of bright green apples, lemons and their peels, pear, seaweed, honeydew melon, pineapple, and bubbling yeast with some searing, limey acid. A whiff of exotic spice and a tiny bit of residual co2. Long finish, high acidity and highly complex. It’s got enough acid for good development and it’ll be fascinating to see what happens in the near future.

PAIR: Aged Cotija cheese and Poblamo tamales, Thai spiced tofu with bell peppers and peanuts, wasabi roasted asparagus, and coconut almond chutney.