Close-up Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt wine label

Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt 2015

  • ABV:: 12.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Zweigelt
  • HAiLS FROM:: Burgenland, Austria
: meinklang-graupert-zweigelt
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ABOUT: Meinklang (translates to “my sound”) rules the roost when it comes to biodynamic wines from Austria. A lot has been written about Meinklang's incredible farm, the wild vines, massive cover crops, orchards, vegetable gardens, and poop filled horns, so I won't be repetitious (follow this link for more info)...except to say how much I like Meinklang wines (not to mention the labels). Sally and I first tasted them at the RAW Wine Fair in Berlin 2018. All the wines had a pulsing energy and were aromatically lifted with fresh and wild flavors. These top flight wines made from Zweigelt and Gruner Veltliner go through phases of development rather than wilting shortly after being opened. If that matters to you then try some Meinklang.

TASTE:Zweigelt is a cool, trending red grape variety from Austria that can make pretty distinct wine. I like it for it’s easy going, down the middle values (medium tannin, acid, body, alcohol) and it’s ability to translate it’s earthy surroundings into a delicious beverage. This wild Zweigelt has aromas and flavors of cherries, blackberries, mushrooms, potting soil, and a tangy orange peel freshness. The vines are grown savage and it really comes through in the juice. Long finish, drink it up.

PAIR: Cabbage soup, grilled eggplant, bell pepper laden pizza, chile relleno, mole tacos with goat cheese.