Close-up La Ferme des Sept Lunes Saint-Joseph Premier Quartier wine label

La Ferme des Sept Lunes Saint-Joseph Premier Quartier 2015

  • ABV:: 13.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Syrah
  • HAiLS FROM:: Saint-Joseph AOC, Northern Rhone, France
: la-ferme-des-sept-lunes
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ABOUT: If I were ever so lucky as to have a couple dozen acres of land I would treat it exactly as La Ferme des Sept Lunes does and employ polycultural farming. Residing in the appellation Saint-Joseph in the Northern Rhone, fruit trees, grains, and vines all share the same fields creating a natural ecosystem, all farmed biodynamically. The Syrah, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, and Gamay vineyards are spread here and there on a granite slab. The wines are lively and fresh with minimal sulphur added and are great examples of what natural farming can produce.

TASTE: This is an unshaven and wild-eyed Syrah, dark berry fruit aromas aplenty but before you get there you’re confronted with leather, licorice, potting soil, and dried Provencal-style herbs. The tannins aren’t quite “high” but they are present, happily, and smooth in nature. It kind of comes off like it’s going to not be easy going, but it really is. It’s earthy AND refined, which really is a hard combination to find. This is what La Ferme des Sept Lunes is all about, and the fan base these wines have acquired prove it. Join the club and get one!

PAIR:Grilled vegetables fajitas, shiitake mushroom fried rice, sweet potatoes, Saint-Marcellin cheese, olives and pickled fiddleheads.