Close-up Gemtree Vineyards Dragon's Blood Shiraz wine label

Gemtree Vineyards Dragon's Blood Shiraz 2018

  • ABV:: 14%
  • MADE FROM:: Shiraz
  • HAiLS FROM:: Mclaren Vale, South Australia
: gemtree-vineyards-dragon-s
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ABOUT: Here are the nuts and bolts of the Gemtree wine dynasty in Mclaren Vale South Australia, so buckle up. Paul and Jill Buttery established vineyards in Mclaren Vale in the 1980’s and in the mid-90’s their daughter Melissa showed interest in growing grapes and making wine and soon began working on the homestead. Her husband Mike, also a winemaker, became chief winemaker shortly thereafter and Melissa continued tending to the vines. They earned their organic certification in 2011, all the while incorporating biodynamic techniques throughout the vineyard. Now, 25 years on, the vineyard is big and healthy and the wines are exceptional. Well balanced Australian Shiraz is always welcome here at Bio Wine, especially when the price is nice and the farming is biodynamic. Stock your Covid cupboard with this stuff.

TASTE: This is a reliably delicious, medium-bodied Shiraz that won’t club you over the head with alcohol or muck up your mouth with overly extracted juice. It’s immediately delicious with aromas and flavors of raspberry, blueberry, nutmeg, mint, and cinnamon. The body is medium as well as the alcohol which clocks in at 13%. The acid and tannins are balanced, neither jutting out or getting in the way of one another. The finish is long and the versatility of this wine is a shining attribute. You could have this with Tuesday night dinner, take it to a party, or even a picnic (screwcap). It fits into all the gastronomic corners and will please the wino as well as the crowd. We’re so pleased to be crushing on this Dragon’s Blood Shiraz!

PAIR: Sweet potato chili, pecorino and scallion pancakes, cassoulet with mushrooms and chard, Portobello mushroom burger, and Jamaican jerk grilled eggplant.