Close-up Francis Boulard Grande Montagne Extra Brut Champagne wine label

Francis Boulard Grande Montagne Extra Brut Champagne

  • ABV:: 12%
  • MADE FROM:: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
  • HAiLS FROM:: Champagne, France
: francis-boulard-grande-mont
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ABOUT: In the 1970’s Francis Boulard with his brother and sister started working the family vineyard in Champagne, the Raymond Boulard estate (now defunct). He wished to move the vineyard in the direction of organic and biodynamic farming but faced such serious push back from his sister and brother that he broke ties, collected his 3 hectares and recruited his daughter Delphine to help him with a new direction. They formed Francis Boulard in 2009, and since Francis retired in 2017 Delphine now runs the whole show. Their wines showcase the distinct terriors of their holdings in the Vallee de la Marne, Massif Saint-Thierry, and Mailly. All certified organic and using biodynamic preparations is the new normal for Boulard. The wines are made in miniscule quantities and are of outstanding quality.

TASTE: Lively, nervy, energetic, oxidative, flavors of a variety of nuts and toast but mostly about almonds. The appearance is understated, the nose is quiet and shy, but the flavor is a long, shifting revolution. Dry with acute citrus flavors, a fine mousse, and a long, fresh, finish. I want to fill my garage with this.

PAIR:Roasted asparagus with lemon pith and a running poached egg, caramelized everything, popcorn and licorice.