Close-up Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Rouge wine label

Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Rouge 2007

  • ABV:: 13%
  • MADE FROM:: Pinot Noir
  • HAiLS FROM:: Sancerre AOC, France
: domaine-vacheron-rouge
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ABOUT: Cousins Jean-Laurent and Jean-Dominique Vacheron are pushing the boundaries of what Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir can do in Sancerre. Having inherited some of the most superior vineyards in the Loire Valley, nothing is left undone, and meticulous biodynamic methods on their hillsides translate into terrior-driven clarity in their bottles. The domaine is 40-ish hectares in size and since 2005 has been farmed using biodynamics, producing original, complex wines that serve as a beacon of quality to the region.When I first learned of this wine I knew we must have it. Pinot Noir from Sancerre is a true rarity, and Vacheron is one of the finest producers in the region with a fascinating mash-up of soils and slopes, all leading to high quality produce.

TASTE: As a crow flies Sancerre isn't far from Burgundy, and this Pinot Noir is definitely Burgundy in style. Medium body with crisp cherry and raspberry fruit flavors and aroma,
citrus peel, baking spices, and touches of salinity. A high amount of racy, citrus-like acidity keeps things refreshing and the fruits dancing. A long finish to a complex wine with tons of ageing potential.

PAIR: Thai basil tofu stir fry, caramelized cauliflower fettuccine with green olives, savory tart with gruyere and cherries, and pizza with feta and wild mushrooms.