Close-up of Domaine Pignier Cotes du Jura Cellier des Chartreux 2017 wine label

Domaine Pignier Cotes du Jura Cellier des Chartreux 2017

  • ABV:: 14.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Chardonnay
  • HAiLS FROM:: Cotes du Jura, France
: domaine-pignier-chartreux
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ABOUT: Domaine Pignier dates back to the 13th century when Calthusian monks began making wine in the tiny hamlet of Montaigu, south of Arbois in the Cotes du Jura appellation. Interestingly, they are the only wine producer in Montaigu and are practitioners of organic and biodynamic viticulture, so basically have it made. They are Ecocert and Demeter certified and no mists from neighboring vineyards using pesticides are wafting over. Siblings Jean-Etienne, Antoine and Marie-Florence Pignier are lucky ducks. They grow Savagnin, Trousseau, Poulsard and Chardonnay in clay-limestone hillsides and keep yields low low low (25-28 hl/ha). Grapes are picked by hand, indigenous yeasts activated, very little new oak for vinification and wines ages 3-4 years. Amazingly textured wines made with finesse and an unapologetic style. Get on board with sous voile!

TASTE: The Chardonnay for the Cellier des Chartreux comes from a special vineyard called En Boivin, slopes of limestone and clay with a sunny, southern exposure. Ideal for Chardonnay, which gets natural treatment once its been hand picked and brought to the winery. This wine is made using the traditional technique called sous voile which means “under the flor”. A thin veil of yeast is allowed to form on the top of the wine in the cask, which isn’t topped up or disturbed for three years. This prevents the wine from oxidizing and adds that amazing nutty, lemony, almond, hazelnut and honey vibe. Incredible quality and could easily contend with an edgy Burgundy. This is excellent drinking when the bank account doesn’t allow for such things.

PAIR: Zucchini And Comte cheese risotto, corn and coconut soup, squash and mango curry, tarragon roasted summer vegetables, cauliflower steaks with Parmesan, and lemon thyme roasted almonds.