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Domaine Jean Bourdy Cotes du Jura Rouge 2002
Domaine Jean Bourdy 2002 Cotes du Jura Rouge
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ABOUT:The Bourdy’s have been making wine in the Jura since the late 14th century and are currently made by the 14th generation of Bourdy men, Jean-Philippe (winemaker) and Jean-Francois (most everything else). They’ve been certified biodynamic since 2006 and make some truly interesting and age-worthy wines. They regularly save some of each vintage and are famous for touring the world with old bottles and allowing lucky ducks like you to taste wines that are older than your parents. I haven’t actually gotten to taste these wines but the Jura wine enthusiast Wink Lorch certainly has. I hope she won’t mind me sharing with you her tasting impressions of both recent and old vintages of Bourdy wine.

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TASTE: “Caves Bourdy Côtes du Jura reds are always a blend of the three Jura varieties, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir with roughly equal amounts. The wines are aged for at least three years in old oak tonneaux – mainly 50-60 year old 600-800l demi-muids casks that need to be topped up usually only once during the first year. The current vintage is 2007, a vintage that I tasted first last year soon after bottling and enjoyed its mineral and fruit characteristics then; in the cold light of a London morning, it tasted very dry, but the smokey red fruit nose lifted it and it showed an acidity built to age and work well with charcuterie. The four old reds were 1997, 1983, 1967 and 1953. I enjoyed the rusticity of the very delicate 1997; the 1983 was too volatile; the 1967 was my definite favourite with a mature red fruit and fungal nose, and still great length and fruit on the palate. Jean-François told me it was a very difficult vintage, and was very hard when young, but it has aged beautifully. The 1953 still showed some red colour behind the browning and had a slightly sweetish character, which I found odd. Tasting a leftover of a second bottle opened for the tasting on the following day over lunch I enjoyed it more, but it is still an oddity. But, how many other light reds can last 60 years and more?”

PAIR: Tacos, chili, Panade, eggs, polenta, Cervelle de canut, risotto, vegetable stew, cherries and pizza.