Close-up of Clemens Busch Marienburg GG Riesling wine label

Clemens Busch Marienburg GG Riesling 2015

  • ABV:: 12%
  • MADE FROM:: Riesling
  • HAiLS FROM:: Mosel, Germany
: clemens-busch-marienburg-gg
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ABOUT: Clemens and Rita Busch have been making wine since 1984, when they took the reigns of the Clemens family vines. The current Clemens is 5th generation winemaker and brought organic methods into the vineyard, and most recently biodynamic methods. The majority of their vines are on steep slate hillsides in Pundericher Marienburg, facing the village of Punderich, with a brilliant south/southwest exposure. Experience has brought a clear understanding of the different traits that different kinds of slate-bound soils produce, so the capsule of each bottle is the color of the slate the wine was made from.

TASTE: The 2015 Riesling Marienburg GG has a grey capsule, meaning the wine comes from a vineyard with grey slate, which the original Marienburg site is loaded with. The GG stands for Grosse Gewachs, which is a quality designation within the VdP quality designations. Research German wine designation rules if you’re inclined, but all you need to know about GG is that it means the wine is DRY, and has been made under the strictest of restrictions in Germany and had to cut the mustard with a panel of experts. This is truly one of the finest dry German Rieslings, from one of the finest vineyards in the Mosel. Delicate and perfumed apricots, lemons, limes, apples, and grapefruit on the palate, medium body with high acidity and a long finish. This is one of those wines that suggest sweetness, but are indeed dry. Focused, high quality and tremendous ageing potential (20 years at least).

PAIR: Roasted beets, corn, lemongrass, Indian food, peanuts, cold green salads, and mild curries.