Close-up Chateau de Gaudou Renaissance Malbec 2017 wine label

Chateau de Gaudou Renaissance Malbec 2017

  • ABV:: 13%
  • MADE FROM:: Malbec
  • HAiLS FROM:: Cahors, France
: chateau-de-gaudou-renaissance
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ABOUT: Chateau de Gaudou has been a family run estate since the 18th century and Fabrice Durou is the 7th generation currently at the helm. His contribution to the family legacy is certifying the vineyards HVE Level 3 and working towards organic certification. The estate is situated in the commune Vire-sur-Lot amongst the most prestigious producers in all of Cahors. Winemaking is so embedded in the region that some of the original rootstocks found on the property are from the 19th century. Incredible to think that they’ve been making wines from Malbec from the same system of roots for so long. Gaudou makes a handful of wines, each with their different concept. The Renaissance is the wine that marks the renewal of the chateau through new wine making techniques. It doesn’t fail to impress and is an absolute steal.

TASTE: The Chateau de Gaudou Renaissance Malbec 2017 is a wine with a big motor. Aromas and flavors of ripe raspberries, cherries, and strawberries, thyme, fennel, black pepper, dark chocolate, baking spices, tar and forest fire. An earthy, muscular brew as my note notes. A long finish and medium+ complexity with the stuffing to develop for another 10-20 years. A couple of things to take note of; first, how different Malbec from France is opposed to its incredibly popular counterpart in Argentina. They’re literally and figuratively not in the same hemisphere. Second, what an incredible value this wine is for what it symbolizes. There’s more history and prestige represented here than huge swaths of many new world wine regions. And for very few dollars. Lucky us.

PAIR: Aligot with roasted winter vegetables, mushroom duxelle crostini, pizza with rosemary potatoes and camerlized onions, spinach empanadas, and cassoulet with roasted squash.