Close-up of Caves Jean Bourdy Chateau-Chalon 2010 wine label

Caves Jean Bourdy Chateau-Chalon 2010

  • ABV:: 13.7%
  • MADE FROM:: Savagnin
  • HAiLS FROM:: Jura, France
: jean-bourdy-chateau-chalon
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ABOUT:The Bourdy’s have been making wine in the Jura since the late 14th century and are currently made by the 14th generation of Bourdy men, Jean-Philippe (winemaker) and Jean-Francois (most everything else). They’ve been certified biodynamic since 2006 and make some truly interesting and age-worthy wines. We’ve had the privilege of tasting red wines made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Trousseau, and white wines made from Chardonnay, all exceptional and age-worthy. Not to mention the Chateau-Chalon, a truly experiential wine that can change you. They regularly save some of each vintage and are famous for touring the world with old bottles and allowing lucky ducks (like you) to taste wines that are older than your parents. Wink Lorch is a Jura enthusiast whose writings and opinions we value immensely. Follow the link below for her impressions of old vintages and check out her book!

Follow this link to the whole article and buy her book

TASTE: Chateau-Chalon in a nutshell: It’s a white wine made in the Jura from locally grown Savagnin. It’s made in the Vin Jaune style and must be kept for 6 years and 3 months in partially filled casks before bottling. It ain’t topped up and allowed to develop voile, a benevolent film-forming yeast, helping create its most unique flavor. This nutty nectar go into a special 620ml bottle called a Clavelin and is compared stylistically to Sherry and is only made in superior vintages. Once opened it can be beneficial to let it breath, then take in the aromas of nuts, dried fruits, earthy mushrooms and citrus peels, with a high note of acidity and built for ageing. 2010 in the Jura was an amazing vintage and we’re so thrilled to be able to stock some of this. And maybe save a bottle for ourselves.

PAIR: Poached eggs with sunchokes and comte, tofu fried rice, Pho, Halloumi with kombu roasted vegetables, pan seared Shitake mushrooms with garlic and thyme, and tamari almonds.