Close-up of Bodegas Nodus Chaval Rosado 2020 wine label

Bodegas Nodus Chaval Rosado 6-Pack - Save $7

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  • ABV:: 12%
  • Normally:: $11ea.
  • Save:: $7
  • MADE FROM:: Bobal
  • HAiLS FROM:: Valencia, Spain
: bodegas-nodus-chaval-rosado-
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ABOUT: Winemaker Adolfo de las Heras Marin founded Bodegas y Vinedos de Utiel in the 1980’s, acquiring a massive 540 hectare estate which included many grape vines surrounded by a pine forest. 80% of the vines are 40+ year old organically grown Bobal vines, a grape native to Utiel-Requena in Valencia, Spain. Bobal grows in big, compact bunches of small to medium sized red grapes, which yield like crazy and are drought resistant. High acidity is the key here, and as proven by Bodegas Nodus, with the right attention Bobal can make some very good wine. Amongst the serious wines made from Bobal and international grape varieties, this Rosado stuck out as a delicious treat. The flavors are fresh and bright and the value is indisputable. A sommelier would call this Bodegas Nodus Chaval Rosado “quaffable” (pleasantly consumed). I guess we would too.

TASTE: Turns out the Bobal grapes makes a killer Rosado and punches WAY above it’s weight and tastes better than wines that cost 4x as much. This Bodegas Nodus Chaval Rosado has clean, lifted, youthful aromas and flavors of strawberries, cherries, raspberries, peaches, melon and sweet lime citrus. A medium bodied with medium alcohol, but an tick up of acidity which makes all the difference. Fruity, bouncy, and refreshing, and paired really well with a curry we had for dinner. Sip this all summer.

PAIR: Green Broccoli curry, eggplant stuffed with pisto, marinated carrots, tortilla de patatas, spinach with pine nuts and raisins, and spring onions with romesco sauce.