Close-up of Antoine-Marie Arena Haut de Carco Patrimonio wine label

Antoine-Marie Arena Haut de Carco Patrimonio 2010

  • ABV:: 13%
  • MADE FROM:: white grape Vermentino
  • HAiLS FROM:: Corsica, France
: antoine-marie-arena-haut-de
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ABOUT: Antoine Arena is a legend on his home turf of Corsica, as well as in Paris. He stands shoulder to shoulder with the best producers on this mountainous French island, and is producing amazing wines from 14 hectares of the islands indigenous grapes - Vermintu, Niellucciu, Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains, and Bianco Gentile.The most recently planted parcel is the Haut de Carco is where this white wine originates. Read this excellent article about the Arena's from Tom Fiorina.

TASTE: The grape variety is Vermentinu (Vermentino in Sardinia, Rolle in Southern France) and is dazzling, all lemons and limes and herbs. This wine is uniquely rich, unlike most Vermentino in my market. The complexity is high and the finish is long.

PAIR: Olive oil, pesto, roasted vegetables, French fries, cold citrus salads, pizza, basil, soft cheeses and soups.