Close-up of Maison Bertrand Ambroise Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Terres Blanches wine label

Maison Bertrand Ambroise Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Terres Blanches 2018

  • ABV:: 13.5%
  • MADE FROM:: Chardonnay
  • HAiLS FROM:: Nuits-Saint-Georges AOC, Burgundy, France
: maison-bertrand-ambroise
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ABOUT: This Chardonnay comes from the outstanding Maison Bertrand Amboise with Victor Fagon being a second label developed for their importer. It’s the same wine as the Les Terres Blanches released from Amboise and is an absolute knock out. Currently, Bertrand is doing the winemaking and his son Francois is managing the vineyards. Their 21 hectares of vines are located on the southern side of Nuits-Saint-Georges and has been certified organic since 2013. The name Victor Fagon represents Francois’s son “Victor” and “Guy- Crescent Fagon” who was a doctor to Louis XIV and an important benefactor to the wines of Nuits-Saint-Georges. The Les Terres Blanches vineyard is high on a limestone hill measuring in at less than a hectare. Only a few producers make Chardonnay from this postage stamp of a vineyard. It’s worth noting the Nuits-Saint-Georges is not known for white wine, only 3% is white, which makes this wine all the more interesting.

TASTE: The color of this Chardonnay is a deep, honeyed yellow thanks to Bertrand letting the wine ferment for over 3 weeks. Bright, youthful, and intense aromas of lemons, pineapple, ripe red apples, cantaloupe, baking spices, buttered popcorn, salt and pepper and campfire. The flavors are in agreement and the weight is a medium, alcohol medium and acidity be high. This is a dense, concentrated wine with a miles long finish. If you could judge a wine solely by the length of the finish, this wine would win a blue ribbon. Highly complex and such a bargain we can barely stand it.

PAIR: Grilled avocado salad, ginger and garlic green beans, tarragon mashed potatoes, honey mustard Ruffles, polenta with pears and cranberries, and grilled asparagus with coconut peanut sauce.