Close-up Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Blanc 2021 wine label

Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Blanc 2021

  • ABV:: 13%
  • MADE FROM:: Chardonnay
  • HAiLS FROM:: Marsannay AOC, Burgundy, France
: sylvain-pataille-marsannay
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ABOUT: Sylvain Pataille is a fixture in Burgundy’s Marsannay region, the craggy, northern end of Cote de Nuits that, if you remember from class is known for producing good wine from the other white Burgundy grape Aligote. Sylvain makes exceptional Aligote of course, all certified organic and biodynamically produced, as well as brain blistering Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. His iconic wines and blue labels always leave us wanting more, and there’s never enough to be had. He currently has fifteen hectares of vines he pulls fruit from, making wines that feel crafted rather than “made”. Balance is key, the oak is controlled if not understated, and the wines sing in youth and harmonize with some years. They’re remarkable affordable as well, which is probably why they disappear from the market as soon as they arrive. We slept on the Pataille offer in our inbox for a few days and missed a lot, but got our hands on some Marsannay Blanc in the end, lucked out!.

TASTE: This Marsannay Blanc is made from Chardonnay and the lesser known Chardonnay Rose from five different parcels, including one of the very best, Clos du Roy. Indigenous yeasts utilized of course, eighteen months in barrels with 1/3 of them being new oak, and the bare minimum of sulfur. Drinking delightfully in its crystalline youth, but most certainly has the structure for long development.

PAIR: roasted garlic hummus on buttered toast, saffron and chanterelle risotto, roasted cauliflower with parmesan and bechamel sauce, Chilaquiles, deep fried bean burrito, and vegetables roasted in this wine!